24 - 28 June 2024, Funchal - Madeira Island

30th ICE IEEE/ITMC Conference is part of Madeira Digital Transformation Week

About ICE

ICE is the International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Innovation. It developed from an early focus on the engineering method of concurrent engineering, to general organisation of the engineering process and its organisation within the corporation and in networks. Concurrency obviously addresses parallelisation of activities in time, but it comes with the broadening of decision making on what is wanted and how services and products ought to be. This is not decided by technical criteria alone, but includes usability, economic, environmental, and social criteria. The ICE conference therefore discusses systems engineering as a socio-technical task with a focus on design of products and services, and the entrepreneurial innovation process for its adoption in society and economy.

The 30th ICE IEEE/ITMC Conference (ICE 2024) will be hosted by UNINOVA in Madeira Island, Portugal, being part of the Madeira Digital Transformation Week. For this upcoming event we would like to signal to our growing community of researchers, innovators, industrialists and engineers to share their insights (practitioner, industrial and academic), practices, projects and case studies that address the conference theme:

“Digital Transformation on Engineering, Technology and Innovation”

International policymakers and industry are facing the challenge of balancing the needs of society, engineering appropriate technology and service solutions with sustainable business models. This is increasingly important as health care budgets are reduced, and pressure grows to find sustainable energy solutions, to combat social isolation and respond more affectively to crisis and disaster management challenges. In Europe, for example, these challenges are clearly defined and translated into the Horizon Europe - the EU Research and Innovation Programme, that has earmarked €95.5 billion of the total budget to address five missions' areas: Adaptation to climate change, including societal transformation; Cancer; Healthy oceans, seas, coastal & inland waters; Climate-neutral & smart cities and Soil health & Food.

ICE 2024 is a place of high business and academic reputation, calling for original ideas, papers, initiatives and projects. Authors, special sessions organisers, and participants are invited to contribute to the shaping of the debate on engineering solutions for digital transformation, that are not just European, but global challenges. Leading researchers and practitioners are invited to present their latest findings and their practical experiences. Policy makers and representatives are invited to join the debate and discuss their original perspective on these topics.

ICE 2024 conference will include an original set of paper sessions, plenary sessions and exhibition booth stands.

Past Editions

A proud history of ICE events:

  • ICE 1994 organised by Dr. Marc Pallot in Sophia Antipolis, France
  • ICE 1995 organised by Prof. Dr. Petri Pulli, Dr. Lars Bergman & Dr. Marc Pallot in Stockholm, Sweden
  • ICE 1996 organised by Bruno Lisanti & Roberto Santoro in Milan, Italy
  • ICE 1997 organised by Prof. Dr. Kulwant Pawar in Nottingham, UK
  • ICE 1999 organised by Kees Hof & Neil Wognum in The Hague, The Netherlands - “5 Years Anniversary”
  • ICE 2000 organised by Olivier Rérolles & Dr. Marc Pallot in Toulouse, France
  • ICE 2001 organised by Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Thoben & Dr. Frithjof Weber in Bremen, Germany
  • ICE 2002 organised by Marco Conté & Roberto Santoro in Rome, Italy
  • ICE 2003 organised by Dr. Abdul Samad (Sami) Katzy in Espoo, Finland
  • ICE 2004 organised by Prof. Dr. Fernando Guerrero in Sevilla, Spain - “10 Years Anniversary”
  • ICE 2005 organised by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Katzy in Munich, Germany
  • ICE 2006 organised by Prof. Dr. Marco Taisch & Dr. Sergio Terzi in Milan, Italy
  • ICE 2007 organised by Dr. Marc Pallot, Dr. Alain Zarli & Dr. Servane Crave in Sophia Antipolis, France
  • ICE 2008 organised by Prof. Dr. Ricardo Goncalves in Lisbon, Portugal
  • ICE 2009 organised by Robert Bierwolf in Leiden, Huis Ter Duin, The Netherlands - “15 Years Anniversary”
  • ICE 2010 organised by Prof. Dr. Claudio Boer & Dr. Luca Canetta in Lugano, Switzerland
  • ICE 2011 organised by Prof. Dr. Volker Stich & Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gudergan in Aachen, Germany
  • ICE 2012 organised by Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer & Dr. Thomas Holzmann in Munich, Germany
  • ICE 2013 organised by Prof. Dr. Roland Ortt & Scott Cunningham in The Hague, The Netherlands
  • ICE 2014 organised by Prof. Dr. Sergio Terzi in Bergamo, Italy - “20 Years Anniversary”
  • ICE 2015 organised by Dr. Brendan Galbraith in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • ICE 2016 organised by Prof. Dr. Pekka Abrahamsson & Dr. Kjetil Kristensen in Trondheim, Norway
  • ICE 2017 organised by Prof. Dr. Ricardo Goncalves in Madeira Island, Portugal
  • ICE 2018 organised by Marc König & Prof. Dr. Guido Baltes in Stuttgart, Germany
  • ICE 2019 organised by Dr. Marc Pallot & Dr. Alain Zarli in Sophia Antipolis, France - “ICE 25th Anniversary”
  • ICE 2020 organised by Professor Yacine Rezgui - Organised online due to COVID-19 - “ICE 25th Anniversary”
  • ICE 2021 organised by Prof. Yacine Rezgui in Cardiff, UK
  • ICE 2022 organised by Prof. Laure Morel, Prof Mauricio Camargo and Dr Laurent Dupont in Nancy, France
  • ICE 2023 organised by Dr Matjaz Vidmar, Prof. Jamie Fleck and Prof. Robin Williams in Edinburgh, Scotland

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