Call for Panel Sessions and Workshops

The organisers cordially invite submissions for panel sessions and workshops, with a minimum duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes, centred on specific topics and inquiries pertaining to the themes of the Madeira Digital Transformation Week:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and European Data Spaces
  • Circular Economy and Sustainability
  • Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Privacy
  • Digital Health, mHealth, Wellbeing and Healthy Living
  • Digital Ocean and Maritime Technologies
  • Digital Skills, Human and Socio-Economic Challenges
  • Ethics, Diversity and RRI
  • Green Energy and Renewables
  • Heritage and Smart Tourism
  • Knowledge Management and Information Systems Interoperability
  • Novel Business Models and Digital Innovation Hubs
  • Simulation Models and Digital Twins
  • Smart Cities, Smart Environments and the Internet of Things
  • Smart Manufacturing, Robotics and Industry 5.0
  • Technology Foresight and Forecasting

Proposals should include the objectives and expected outcome, the planned activities, the background of the organiser(s) and the anticipated number of participants.

During panel sessions, we anticipate a series of brief presentations by expert speakers on a topic, followed by a moderated discussion led by the session organiser. In workshops, an introductory presentation or speech is expected, coupled with interactive discussions and dynamic audience engagement. Both types of sessions are going to be handled as parallel sessions.

Proposals should be submitted at DTSummit submission page until 25th of March 2024. For any questions please contact the secretariat at